Takara Transformers Legends: Perceptor w/ Ramhorn

I already loved the Titans Return Perceptor toy.  The fact that he once again transformed into a Microscope made him an instant favorite for me.  Add in amazing packaging and a flashy new Ramhorn (who I also adored!) and bingo, you have a spectacular toy.


I think my favorite part about this whole thing is the packaging.  Takara packs Perceptor in microscope mode, which is just incredible.  It’s a great display piece just as is.


Out of the package, he’s a real beaut.  Ramhorn too.  Hasbro’s Perceptor is fantastic by all measurements, and they still have the tampographed details on there, but Takara’s additional paint apps, while very subtle, really help the toy stand out that much more.


I love that headmaster retains the G1 Toy look, and with Takara’s paint and plastic differences, it really stands out.  I also like the clear Autobot logo on the chest a bit better than being placed in the little belt-buckle “rub-sign” spot on Hasbro’s.  It’s  minor thing, but just a preference I guess.


Ramhorn get’s bling-ed out too, pretty substantially.  Hasbro’s Ramhorn stays with the traditional toy colors, which, given my affinity for the G1 Cassettes, I really truly appreciate, but Takara’s animation accurate (to an extent) silver apps, make him really shine.  (Pun not necessarily intended, but still enjoyed).  However, it’s worth noting Takara’s version does not come with a headmaster.  The mold from Hasbro was used for Clouder, who came with Legends Kickback.  Instead, Takara’s Ramhorn is intended to be a partner for Perceptor, who can transform into a small assault tank when Perceptor is in headmaster form or a rocket launcher when he’s in robot mode. It’s neat!


Bottom line: Should you buy him?  This time, I’ll say absolutely.  Again you’ll pay the importing price for him, but if you haven’t found a retail Perceptor, and with Ramhorn’s notorious difficulty to find in store, coupled with the incredible packaging, there’s really no down side!


(Yes, he comes with his sniper rifle too.)

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