Transformers Studio Series 01: Bumblebee

Fresh off of ToyFair 2018, the first of the new Studio Series toys started shipping right from Hasbro Toy Shop. So let’s take a look at the first figure in line, Bumblebee!



These Studio Series toys are somewhat of a bridge between the somewhat lacking “Premier Edition” Transformers 5 toys and the Takara Exclusive Movie the Best line.  Basically, they are mostly new molds or vastly improved molds with premium paint applications.  What’s fascinating is that both Takara Tomy AND Hasbro are releasing the toys and have their labels on the boxBee for the most part, takes various cues from both his various deluxe class figures and the more recent MMP Bee, who is just a spectacular toy.  The most notable new feature here is the smaller door “wings” that mimic the MMP Bee’s design.


img_1265img_1269 His alt-mode is the vintage Camaro seen in the first movie.  This is nice seems it’s not a common version for his car mode, though it’s safe to assume we’ll get the newer styled version down the road.


Would I recommend Bumblebee? Only if you don’t have this version of him already.  There are some cons here.  First, there are a crazy number of Bee toys out there.  This is probably the best looking deluxe version of this Bee, but because the assembly that makes up the roof of the car/backpack is missing a pin (most likely due to tolerance issues at the last minute), that section pops off at the slightest of touches.  Its designed too, and he’s meant to be more of a display piece than an actual toy.  Also, as MMP Bee has proved, a darker metallic is needed for his face.  Without it, the bright silver just looks skeletal.  His paint applications are top notch otherwise and the fact that every one of these figures will include a neat backdrop displace as part of the packaging means he’ll look good on the shelf in or out of the box.  While Bee isn’t the strongest foot to start off on, this line looks to be very good and we’ll certainly take a look at some more of them.



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