Transformers War For Cybertron – Siege: Sideswipe

In typical “me” fashion, my backlog of projects has gotten out of control so I just dumped it all and am going to jump in with more recent and important stuff.  Mainly, the brand new War For Cybertron – Siege line.  So let’s take a look at everyone’s favorite Autobot car (even though he’s literally done nothing of importance) -SIDESWIPE!

The Prime Wars Trilogy was a lot of fun. Combiner Wars gave us long overdue updates to the old G1 Combiners, Titans Return brought back the headmasters and I personally found this line to be exceptionally superb.  Admittedly, I found Power of the Primes a little lacking, but over all the Trilogy was a lot of fun.  War For Cyberton is the next Trilogy planned by Hasbro.  The concept is essentially a darker prequel to the G1 timeline.  Siege will begin with Cybertronian versions of classic characters…sort of.  I’ll be honest. Sideswipe just looks like a really cool Earth sports car.  Not that it’s a bad thing! But I mean, nothing about him is very “Cybertronian”.  

De Bow Bow song playing so loud right now…

 Honestly, I can’t get over how much I like this toy. I opened Sideswipe first out of the deluxes because of the four of them, he was the one I had the least anticipation for.  But the moment I had him out of the package, I immediately felt there was something different here.  The plastics feel sturdier.  The joints feel more secure.  Panels tab in exceedingly well.  Maybe I’ve spent too much time with Studio Series toys, who by contrast, feel a bit delicate, but Sideswipe made me feel like I was holding his Masterpiece toy when I first opened it up.  

He comes with two weapons, both of which are given specific equipment names and model numbers, which I like.  They can be combined to form his classic rocket launcher and mount on his shoulder as well.  It’s the first tiny step into the C.O.M.B.A.T system, this line’s “gimmick” of modulated weaponry.  

Guns? We got guns.

I’ll get more into the C.O.M.B.A.T system when I review Cog (yes, we got a new Cog, it’s unreal) but suffice it to say, it’s all about upgrading your toys arsenal and armor much akin to a lot of the later Japanese stuff (i.e.: Victory Saber).  

The War For Cybertron line will feature something kind of new to Transformer toys as well: weathering.  Now typically, I’m not a fan of weathering/battle damage. At least not when it comes to Gunpla or similar model kit building.  However, when it’s done right, it looks GOOOOOD.  Hasbro is doing this right.  It’s not over the top, it looks natural. It fits in with the darker concept of massive war between robot factions. 

Bottom line:

I can’t find a legitimate reason to not buy this toy.  If you insist on finding the negatives in something, here’s what I can give you: the size/scale of the figures have gone down a bit.  Sideswipe doesn’t feel “small” but he measures small to the CHUG version.  (He’s an infinitely better toy however).  Also prices continue to creep up. That’s just how economics work and I refuse to get into a “but blah blah blah greedy corporations” territory.  There’s value here.  You’re getting a VERY good toy.  Go buy one.


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