Transformers War For Cyberton – Siege: COG

Wow. Cog is one of those guys where your reaction is either: A) Oh, that little dude who came with Fortress Maximus? or B) Who?

Like most “Titan Class” Characters, Fort Max came with a “little dude”. He was a Car and a “tank” that combined to form a robot named Cog, who, for bio-sake, served as a patrol for Fort Max in city mode. Well he’s back, this time as a deluxe-class figure in the Siege line, and serves as a “weaponizer” for the C.O.M.B.A.T. system!

What’s a weaponizer? Essentially a figure that breaks apart into weapons for other figures. Each component has it’s own model number and functionality listed in the instructions too, which I really like.

It’s a neat new feature that we’ll see throughout this line, I think seems SixGun has also been all but confirmed for wave 2. It’s great that we’re getting the Titan’s helper-bots with this line for sure, and I’m crossing my fingers for Brunt to go with Trypticon down the line! They can be used to weaponize their respective Titan too.

As an actual transformer, Cog retains his two vehicle alt-mode from the G1 Days, with roughly the same basic transformation for the car, and a simple flip of the legs for the tank.

You can also combine the two to make a longer vehicle, or mix and match some of the components.

In robot mode, both vehicles attach at the mid/abs section by a slotted peg assembly. He stays together very well and features all of the articulation a normal deluxe toy has, including ankle tilt!

Bottom Line:

I’d say Cog is a great buy for anyone who had a Fortress Maximus and would like to complete the original toy layout. He’s a very obscure character so I’m happy we’re getting guys like this over another more common character for sure. His rifles don’t peg into his fists SUPER securely, though your mileage will vary on that.

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