Takara Golden Lagoon Collection

Back during the G1 Cartoon, there was a particularly interesting episode titled: The Golden Lagoon. This episode is unique for two reasons: 1) It spotlights one of the lesser focused on Autobots (and a personal favorite of mine), Beachcomber and 2) the episode carries with it a very somber and depressing message about the collateral damage of war, something the cartoon tends to gloss over for the rest of the series.

As a brief synapsis – Beachcomber and a few other Autobots are on patrol and get attacked by the Decepticons. Beachcomber finds cover and discovers a hidden oasis full of wildlife. In the center is a pool of Electrum a substance that augments the Transformers, turning them gold and nearly invincible. Naturally, a battle and arms race ensues and in the midst the oasis is destroyed and the wildlife runs off. At the end Beachcomber somberly reflects on the cost of war while the other Autobots cheer their victory.

So decades later, Takara realizes it can churn out another MP-10 toy in gold plating and decide to create a sub-line. Thus we get the Golden Lagoon Transformers –

The line begins with MP-10 Prime. While I love this design and do really like this toy, Takara has milked the crap out of it. Still, he’s super pretty –

Full disclosure though – these toys are super hard to photograph. The light has to be just right in order for the tone and sheen of the gold plating to look right. But it does look fantastic in hand. I gave Optimus the blue energon axe from Year of the Horse MP Optimus, as I think it works. The clear trailer works well too.

Next came two sets, sort of on each other’s heels. A single pack – Unite Warriors Ghost Starscream, and a three-pack of Perceptor, Seaspray and Beachcomber, the three main Autobots in the episode.

These two sets pair up pretty well, and the bold collector could triple down on Starscream to represent all three seekers (all three of which do appear in the episode). I’m a big fan of all four molds and having Beachcomber in gold is something that makes me very happy to say the least.

Finally, and most recently, we received Soundwave, using his Titans Return mold.

This was an interesting choice seems it’s clear they wanted a Decepticon toy to match the height of MP Optimus, and seems MP-10 is pretty much Leader-class sized, it makes sense. It seems odd to me though, that they wouldn’t just do MP Soundwave.

Bottom Line:

There’s a lot to say here – this line is risky. There are a LOT of characters that appear in The Golden Lagoon. I can see one of two things happening – 1) Takara decides to keep going, in which case, its obvious we’ll get a Golden Blitzwing (another major player in the episode) out of the Titans Return toy, a Golden MP Megatron would be incredible, but also very pricey. It’s possible we’d even get a Golden Lagoon Omega Supreme either out of his Year of the Snake Energon remold, or potentially the new Titan Class toy coming out later this year from Seige. Again this will be pricey. 2) The line ends here and fades into an obscure (yet appreciated) subline.

The gold plating looks very nice. It’s hard to photograph without a proper photo booth but it really captures the feel of the episode. The movable parts are molded in a “caramel” colored plastic which a lot of people have griped about, but it looks better in hand and gold plating moving parts is just asking for chipping. I’ve transformed all of these toys numerous times and aside from finger smudges (which wipe off with a micro fiber cloth perfectly well) there has been no chipping at all, so I think it was a smart choice.

In the end this line is geared towards the higher end of the collector spectrum. It’s not for everyone and if you have no particular recollection of The Golden Lagoon, I don’t see this being a must buy. If like me however, you have fond memories of the episode, have at it, but be on the lookout for additions to the line down the road.

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