Transformers War For Cybertron: Siege – IRONHIDE

LEAKIN’ LUBRICANTS! May flew by. While I had every intention of starting up video reviews again, work collapsed on me like a final episode of Game of Thrones and so I’m back in the same spot. In the meantime though, I did bust some Deceptichops by opening up good ole Ironhide!

Quite honestly, I was the least excited for Ironhide. I felt like his renders for product promotion left a little to be desired. But once I got him out of the package, I was thrilled! He feels solid, sturdy, and has a really nice transformation!

His articulation is top notch, and the detailing in both modes is incredible. His weapon transforms from a “rocket launcher” of sorts, to a sledge hammer, which really fits in well with Ironhide’s personality.

You can also use it as a rifle too.

Transformation is unique and intuitive. There is a QC issue with his leg panels that lead to the popping off pretty easy. I’m not one to recommend “fixing” things, however, if you gently insert a smaller screwdriver into the peg holes of the panel joint, widening the opening a bit, the problem is easily fixed.

His “Van” mode is a nice Cybertronian take on his G1 vehicle mode and even has his iconic yellow/gold striping. I really like this design as its much more foreign than say Sideswipe who just looks like a regular sports car, or Prime who just looks like a Semi-Cab with extra lights.

He’s fully compatible with the Weaponizer figures, featuring ports all over his body for added firepower. Again, very fitting for Ironhide.


This line continues to knock it out of the part. While I felt Titans Return was going above and beyond, I feel like Siege is setting the bar super high for anything to even come close. You might as well enjoy the ride and pick up a whole new G1 cast for your shelves, Ironhide is no exception. The panel issue is easily fixed as well.

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