Takara Masterpiece Transformers MP 17+ Prowl & MP 18+ Streak

I’m doubling up on these because 1) I’m WAY behind on stuff, 2) They’re essentially the same thing (which is a good thing) and 3) I’m working on some major changes to content I’m producing for the PaxCybertron “brand” (if you will…) and want to get something up on the site prior to making any changes.

Anyway – Here’s the reviews for Prowl and Blue Streak Animation Colors!

For some reason: Prowl comes with this extra sleeve for his box, which is kinda neat looking.

The whole reason these guys exist is due to the fact that MP Optimus Prime Ver. 3 is based off his animation model, so Takara is looking to create a more animation accurate line.

At first I was very much against this. I felt like it was a cash grab and a lazy way to push more of the same toy out the door. While that could be argued to be true, I have cooled a little on the jaded pessimism of the idea and seems I’m one of the small handful of people who have actually pre-ordered Prime Ver. 3, I guess I’ll just embrace it.

The thing is, they look REALLY good. The more muted, animation colors on Blue Streak don’t pop as much as his initial MP toy’s does, but he comes with some new faces and more importantly, he comes with BLAST EFFECTS! Since the Siege line debuted, I’ve loved the idea of blast effects with the toys and I mostly bought Blue Streak+ for them. They sort of work a little with the Siege toys, the rifle shot fits most weapons but the cannon blasts are specifically designed for the MP figures.

Prowl is a harder sell for sure. Essentially, you’re just buying an MP Prowl with blue windows and headlights instead of clear. But to compensate a little for this, you do get his shoulder cannons (that he never actually used in the show, save for one animation error).

It’s hard to argue for this, but also DAAAAMN he looks sooo good! A few other minor changes – his police deco on the doors are reduced to just the badge, like in the show, and I believe his Autobot logo is slightly different on the chest. Metallics are now “animation grey” as well.

Bottom Line

Honestly, if you have no intention of going the animation route with the MP toys, there’s nothing here you NEED. These are cosmetic changes and for completionists only. If that’s not you, your money is best put into something else. That being said, if you are buying them, they’re gorgeous additions to the collection. If they plan on doing all of the Autobots like this however, it’ll get expensive.

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