Transformers Collector Club 2012 Exclusive Figure Review part 1 SG Drift

TFCC ’12 figures are in and shipped, which is all kinds of awesomeness.

If you are not familiar, the Transformers Collector Club, linked in the blog roll, each year releases a FREE, exclusive figure to active members every March.  Additionally, they also have annual exclusive figures for purchase for members and non-members alike.  These purchasable figures however, sell out FAST.

This years Free figure is a remake of the G1 Decepticon Battlecharger, Runabout.  The purchasable figures this year are Runabout’s partner Runamuck (Renamed OverRun due to licensing issues) and continuing the Shattered Glass (alternate) universe where good guy are bad guys and bad guys are good guys, TFCC released SG Drift!:


SG Drift is, for all intents and purposes, Deadpool from the Marvel Comics universe.  He’s a mercenary.  He doesn’t shut up.  He’s Ruthless.  He’s Red and Black.


He comes packaged in his special edition case, with tech-specs, two battle pistols, dual short swords and of course, his extra large ancient cybertronian long sword.     The paint job on SG Drift is just amazing.  He is very vibrant and well detailed.

His alt mode looks just as good as the robot mode, with the Kanji on his hood meaning “Decided” (a foil to normal Drift having changed factions)



SG drift is my first “official” SG figure and I couldn’t be more happy with him.  Unfortunately, TFCC sold out of him within the first 36 hours of his availability, so special thanks to my iPhone for allowing me to get online and order him as soon as I got the notice.  YAY!

Tomorrow, I’ll be covering my second SG, custom figure, SG Squawk Talk and the second TFCC Exclusive (and just as awesome as ol’ blabber mouth Drift here) Runabout.


Stay Tuned!


  1. Awesome! I’ve been trying to find SG Drift at a decent price on the secondary market. I just found out about him, and now I totally want him!

    1. Yeah, he’s really vibrant and looks amazing (these old photos of mine suck..). It’s tough to get any TFCC figure without paying an arm and a leg due to how small the production runs are.

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