Heavy Fire at the Crossroads Part 3 – The Stunticons – Decepticon Dead End

I finished Dead End a while back, but woo doggies, its been a rough couple of weeks.  Anywho, on to Dead End:

Dead End is a fatalist.  He doesn’t really care about anything given that he knows everything has to end eventually.  Of course, this makes him a bit of an asset on the battlefield seems he’ll take on missions most Decepticons wouldn’t think twice about.

I used the Reveal the Shield Jazz mold for the custom.  I replaced the head, and removed the spoiler.  I have to admit, I had some trouble with the paint and I’m not too thrilled with the final result, but I’ve learned some valuable lessons for the next project.

While Dead End looks a bit ‘beat up’, I suppose it kind of works for a guy who spends his time crash racing around.

I used liquid masking tape for the head lights, and that was a mistake, seems it gooped up and became unworkable post-painting.

There seems to be a connection issue that I can’t quite pinpoint in the back.  So yeah…meh…not my best work, but a decent enough start.

Much, MUCH more to come!  Stay tuned!

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