Universe Overkill

Boy, I’m all over the place right now.  I blame my many many side projects, including redecorating my office, reorganizing my Transformer shelves & collection, taking care of our new kitten, etc…etc…

SO – Devastator week and my pictures on the Botcon 2012 set will be postponed until this weekend.   In the meantime, I managed to pick up a loose Universe Overkill from TFSource!


Of course, because mine was loose, I didn’t get the cool black bookcase like box that he comes in, but Universe Dragstrip came in a similar box, so that’s fine.
Overkill has always been one of my favorite Decepticon Cassettes.  He’s white and blue (one of my all time favorite color schemes) – he’s a cassette and I still have my original figure from back when I was a little kid and picked up his two-pack with Slugfest.

But Universe Overkill is a new take on the character.   According to the bio, he managed to reinstall his cerebro-circuitry and has broken free of his “partner/slave” status to Soundwave.

He uses the Classics Grimlock mold, which works very well, but obviously he’s recolored to Overkill’s original color scheme, even down to the gold/yellow eyes!

Overkill and his G1 Form


As with Grimlock – he comes with a missile launcher and “bayonet” sword, which is a very cool looking weapon considering some of the other “guns” given to other figures.

While his Tyrannosaurus Rex mode is really great, I can’t help but agree with a lot of the issues people have with this mold’s Robot mode.  Don’t get me wrong, Overkill looks amazing in the white and blue and I’m so glad to see they gave him a yellow visor for his eyes!  But the legs suffer from a severe lack of pose-ability and the shoulder assembly doesn’t lock into place, which is unfortunate.

The tail can form a sword or as the box describes it a “whip weapon” but meh – I usually leave it on the back where you can’t really see it.  Seems kinda goofy to me.

Overkill Robot mode with G1 Overkill



Finally, here’s a size comparison with MP Grimlock – T-Rex vs T-Rex style.

All in all, I’m glad I have him – again, he’s one of my all time favorite ‘Cons and I didn’t have this mold.  I’m probably going to pick up the Reprolabel set that adds silver to the bolt/joints on his jaw/knee and tail.


More to come this weekend (hopefully).



Later ~


    1. Yeah, I have MP Grimlock too, he’s awesome! But that’s why I didn’t pick up Classics Grimlock because I already have Overkill.

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