Suddenly, I have a lot of Megatrons…

I suppose if you’re going to have a lot of one Decepticon, Megs is the one to have.

I’m an impulse buyer, which leads to some purchases I don’t expect to make.  This time it was UN-09 Transformers United Megatron – the Takara version of the Us “Generations/Classics” line.  I LOVE the United line.  They do a great job of painting the figures.

United Megatron is in the back there.  There’s also the United Tokyo Toy Show Black Megatron, Generations “Cybertronian” Megatron and Legends Megatron.

UN-09 United Megatron

United Megatron is, in my opinion, the best Megatron released so far.  His color scheme is spot on for G1 Megs, he transforms into a gun and he’s a voyager class size!  That isn’t to say he doesn’t have some downsides.  For one – he’s got the big ‘Wings” on his back which has been an issue with this mold since its original iteration in the classics line.  There is a simple mod to remove them, but I don’t mind them that much so they’re staying on.   The other issue is his hands lack of rotation.  If you want Megs to be aiming his fusion cannon, his right hand ends up upside down, which isn’t a big deal unless you’re looking for it.

His gun mode is pretty amazing in this paint scheme.  The original version of this mold was colored in green and purple and looked like a Nerf Gun, which is what the design is based on.  But because Takara used Silver and Black, you get this, amazing looking hand gun (albeit with a short barrel). I really like how it allows Megatron to assume his original concept of being a hand-gun.

And in case you don’t remember what he used to look like – Legends Megatron does a great job of recreating the original Gun look –

I painted over the obnoxious orange cap on the tip of the barrel.  Legends Megatron is all kinds of awesome.  He’s easily one of the better figures in the line, on par with Prowl, and my favorite part is that he takes some designs from the All Hail Megatron IDW series depiction.

Cybertronian Megatron to me, is the better of the various War for Cybertron figures.  Soundwave and Prime are good as well, but the Bumble Bee mold was terrible.

Both robot and alt mode are spot on to the game model –


Black Megatron is a Tokyo Toy show Exclusive who came packaged with Black Optimus Prime (who’s basically Nemesis Prime….)

Because he’s from the United line though, his paint scheme is all kinds of awesome.

Plus he’s a shoe-in for Ore-13 Megatron from the IDW continuity.


So yeah…four Megatrons.  I aslo have four Ravages, and 3 Soundwaves.  I typically don’t like to duplicate characters, but in this case, I’ll make an exception.


-Till all are one

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