You know, there was a time when I was like “Megatron? Meh, don’t need him.”
Now its like, I can’t get enough Megatrons.  Sorta.  I mean, I don’t actively seek him out, I just cherry pick the best of the best. And here we have the VERY BEST.

Toyworld TW-01 “Hegemon”

Toyworld’s take on Megatron has been in the hopper for about a year now, and all of a sudden, bam they started shipping him out.  I grabbed him right away.  Here’s what you get – Megatron, a beefed up Energon Sword, his iconic Ball and Chain, gun supports (Barrel and stock) and a data card.

I immediately slapped a nice Decepticon Badge on him, and then emailed Reprolabels to get hopping on a set of labels that will give  him his proper eyebrows and other detailing.

Check out his gun mode though, its near perfect!

Walther Mode


Blaster Mode


I mean c’mon!  I wish I had taken better pictures, but meh.   He’s a bit pricey, running around 90 bucks and stands as tall as a Voyager class, which is idea for people collecting classics, but he’s shorter than MP-01 and MP-10 so be aware of that.

Finally, here’s a shot of Megatron and Laserbeak – CLASSIC!

“Laserbeak, report.”


I may toss United Megatron up on ebay, but we’ll see.  We’ll see.



– Megatron from every single episode of Season 1.

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