Back to Transformers – SDCC Bruticus!

The Combaticons were the first set of combiners I ever completed.  While my older brother had the luck of getting MotorMaster and Wildrider for his birthday, completing his Stunticons, I had to form Bruticus the old fashion way, by buying each figure separately, and trying to save enough for the leader, Onslaught. (Ended up cashing in a 3 months allowance…)

So the team has a special place in my heart.  So when I found out Bruticus is going to be in Fall of Cybertron, and each Combaticon will make an appearance, I was super stoked.  THEN I find out Hasbro is releasing the FOC Generations Combaticons, I dang near had a heart attack.
THEN – I find out that one of the exclusives for the San Diego ComicCon is a G1 Colored set of the FOC Combaticons, well, I had to change my shorts.
SO boom – pre-ordered the set, and I literally cannot wait.

1. The Generations Set isn’t slated for release until late fall at the earliest – SDCC is next month.  So getting the set WAY a head of time is awesome.

2. LOOK AT THE COLORS!  Many people have an issue with how flashy the Generations set is.  While I do agree they are bright, I was still going to love them.  But good LORDY look at how good these guys look!  Much more military drab, like the originals.

3. Look at that box!  And the cover art on front is amazing, but I’ll save that for the official review.


Now I did have to pay a pretty premium price, much higher than the Generations set will end up being (and let me tell you, there’s still a good chance I’ll buy them as well….) but its cheaper than a ticket to Cali, hotel, food, etc…so I’m all about this.  Plus, as mentioned, I’ll be clearing off some stuff to make room, so I’ll have some ebay items to post in a bit.  Cheetimus has been doing the same thing, so I hope he doesn’t mind that I’m basically copying him,  lol!
That’s all for now, stay tuned!


    1. Dude, I’m so excited for them, and yeah, I’ll probably get both sets too, seems a 3rd Party might make some add-ons or something.

      I got mine through a seller on eBay. He’s shipping the once he’s back from the convention.

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