Paging Dr. Ratchet….and Ironhide

Its funny, Ratchet is easily one of the most popular Transformers out there.  He plays a central role in almost every continuity, and yet I have ZERO Ratchets.

Well, technically, I have Movie Night Ops Ratchet, but I re-purposed him with a custom head to Roadbuster (Man do we  need a good Roadbuster….).

Anywho – iGear, who are well known for their amazing 3rd party figures (and infamous for their “customer service” or lack thereof) have been slow, but surly working on a G1 accurate Ratchet and Ironhide.  Full color photos of both figures surfaced this week and I immediately pre-ordered both (thanks to some awesome sales on ebay!),  seems I also have NO Ironhides either.

And frankly….that’s  just not acceptable.

They’re due to ship at the end of the month, but there have been many delays in the past, so I’m not holding them to it.  People seem to get WAY up in arms about iGear, but I tend to give them slack.  They’re a VERY small company and I believe they’re located in Asia, so they may not have the ability to get back to English speaking customers on every issue.

Still, however you feel about them, I’ll have these two GEMS to review in a short time.


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