Fall of Cybertron: Optimus Prime

Greetings from the Northern Woods of Wisconsin!

While enjoying vacation, I wanted to get a couple of posts done. So first up, Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime.

First thing’s first – lets just get this out of the way – Yes, this figure should have absolutely been a voyager class toy. Wave one has no voyagers and if you’re going to pick one of these guys to make bigger, it should be Prime. That being said, I LOVE this guy. LOVE Him. He really is an amazing figure.

Up Close and Personal

First and foremost, his head sculpt is amazing. His eyes are bright blue and the detailing is done in a metallic steel. He has a very “tough guy” look to him as well.

He is very barrel chested, but as a leader, he should be..

I’m also a big fan of exaggerated proportions on robots and Prime has very big fists. I think it looks really good. His big shoulders look nice too.

His rifle,when placed in his hands correctly (I’m looking at you box photo…) fits snug and extends over his whole hand, mimicking the game, where the weapons are part of the arm itself.

The articulation is quite good. His shoulders loose a bit of poseability, but the rest of him can be positioned in a variety of ways!

Full Kneel

Even the details on the back are great, you can see the booster thrusters and there are even tires molded in there, though they lack paint aps:

Now, as much as I like robot form, Truck mode is just as awesome in my opinion. He’s very compact but in a unique way:

And quite frankly, he’s just BEGGING for a 3rd party company to make a trailer. I mean, look at those two peg holes where the gun is supposed to go…how easy of an attachment could you ask for??

Finally, G1 Bumblebee size comparison. They’re actually quite compatible.

So, yeah. For as much grief as this figure gets, I ADORE him. He’s a fun take on Optimus Prime featuring the updated look from Fall of Cybertron. His transformation is infinitely easier than his predecessor, and again, yes, he should have been a voyager, but looking past that, I am VERY happy to have him in my collection.
I’ll be opening up Shockwave and posting this week as well. Stay tuned!

quick edit: Yes, I see the mis-transformation on Primes fender in front.  That was taken the first night toying around and I didn’t realize it was off. 


  1. My question is: Where is Megatron? Didn’t his form get redesigned as well? Perhaps with so many other Decepticons in the line Hasbro didn’t want to overload on bad guys. I like that this figure is much easier to transform than the WFC version, even if he is a bit smaller.

  2. I think that’s exactly what it was Ark. There were so many Decepticon’s slated for release that they didn’t bother with Megatron. At least not yet. I’ll be he gets a release later on.

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