WOOOO DOGGIES!  Look who arrived today!

The box art…is…..just amazing.  I mean…just amazing.  Seriously, this picture is toilet water to the actual thing.  And the box is HUGE.  Like bigger than a BotCon set Huge.

Here’s MP Star Scream for size comparison.   Big Battlin’ Bruticus the Dudicus is just a touch taller than Screamer himself.

Unfortunately, I’ve got about 5 hours to sleep before going on vacation and have a very long drive ahead of me.  Bruticus will have to hold tight ’till I get back because I don’t have room to bring his GIANORMOUS box with me, and frankly, just that he’s here waiting when I get back is enough.

Also I’ll have Prime and Shockwave with me to do posts on.  Jazz will have to wait too.  That’s fine, nothing like something awesome waiting for you when you get back.


Stay Tuned!


  1. I’ve been watching HTS everyday for Bruticus, but unfortunately he sells out as soon as he goes up. Guess I will have to pay markup somewhere…

    I had no idea the box was that big! Awesome!

  2. Well HP, I DID over pay. I didn’t see a way around it, because like you said, he sells out the moment he goes up on HTS. It might be better to act sooner than later with price inflation in the TF realm as it is.

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