Asia Exclusive Swerve – Part 1

I still don’t know what GDO means…

Up next is Asia Exclusive Swerve.

Rivet gun not included…

Let me start right out of the chute by saying I had a dilemma here.  You see, I never read the Marvel Transformers Comics as a kid, but I read the CRAP out of IDW.   In fact, I may start posting reviews on their series…but more on that later.  Anyway – Swerve has become an underground favorite thanks to IDW.  I for one think he’s awesome.  So when Hasbro announced Deluxe Swerve I was all happy.  Except…I have the G1 Reissue Swerve, who’s painted and looks awesome – here’s the Deluxe and G1 versions together:

Here’s IDW’s Swerve:

– My nickname at the academy was “Shut the hell up”

Here’s a closer view of G1’s face:

And a closer look at AE Swerve:

A blue visor would have been WAY better;

You see the problem?  Deluxe Swerve is too….tough looking.  No smirk, no visor.  He’s supposed to be smaller and the Kup Mold is one of the bigger Deluxe molds.   So this doesn’t really feel like Swerve to me.  He feels like….someone else.

Paint scheme wise, they did a great job of trying to match the Red, White and Black.  Look at Truck Mode:

Bumblebee was in the bathroom…

But Deluxe Swerve just seems to strong looking to be Swerve.


SO….here’s my solution: G1 Swerve is also my Classics/IDW MTMTE Swerve.  He’s ideal, and is just a touch shorter than he should be.
Deluxe Swerve is going to be a different character all together.  A character I made up.  I mean, he’s such a cool figure that I want to do something special with him.
So that will be Part 2 of the post!


To Be Continued…



  1. FYI – GDO stands for Generations Deluxe Overseas from what I can gather. And you are right, I really wish they had given him a more Swerve-y face. I’m hoping a Third Party will do IDW Swerve justice. After all, we do have Gears coming out soon, so there is hope!

  2. AHHHHH! THANK YOU ARK! I totally blanked on the “O” part, I couldn’t put it together. I really hope someone does Swerve too. I know iGear isn’t the most reliable, but they do a great job of creating IDW guys (i.e. Impactor).

    In the meantime, my G1 Swerve does the job quite well.

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