My Collection – as of 8/28/12

Well, I’ve wanted to do this post for some time, but one thing after another kept me from getting it done.   One of the things I do with my collection is alternate modes every other month or so.  This is a pretty daunting task, but I like working my brain a bit and remembering each transformation, I think its a great mind exercise.

So, without further delay, here is my current, modest, collection as of today in alt-mode – you’ll note I keep my factions separate:

Decepticons –

SDCC Combaticons & TFC Constructicons
General Decepticons – Classics Astrotrain,United Wipeout and “conehead” seekers, TFCC Runabout & Runamuck, Black Shadow, Turmoil and PE Reflector
Seacons (BBTS reissue), Galvatron, Cyclonus & Scourge, Dropshot, G1 Hun-Gar, G1 Scowl (my originals from when I was a kid) and the Kre-O gang
Small Shelf – War Within Sun Storm, Skullgrin, Stunticons (including my custom Wild Rider and Dead End) & FP Blast Off and Bombshell
Tokyo Toy Show Dark Side Megatron and Optimus Prime (Nemesis Prime)
Main Shelves half and half
Top Shelf – Encore Sound Blaster and Tapes, United Rumble and Frenzy, Classics Seekers, TW Megatron
Mid shelf – FOC/WFC Decepticons, Soundwave, Megatron and Shockwave, as well as MP-11 StarScream.
Lower level – in box stuff, BTS Sonicron, Minions, Clear G1 Cassettes, WST Grimlock and Kre-0 Waspinator

Autobots –

Mainstay Autobots –
MP-10 Optimus Prime, IG Ratchet, Classics Bumble Bee, IG Iron Hide, Classics Hound, RTS Jazz, AE Cliffjumper
Second level – FOC Autobots – Steel Core, Optimus Prime & Jazz, MP-08 Grimlock
Detloff Shelf – bottom level – MP-09 Hot Rod
Next level – War Within Autobot Resistance/General Autobots – Encore TwinCast & Cassettes, Red Alert, Path Finder, Gold Bug, Wheel Jack, Break Away, AE Hot Spot, Grapple, others.
IDW MTMTE/ Other Main Autobots – FP Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod, United War Path, G1 Swerve & Tail Gate, Prowl, Wind Charger, Tracks, AE Legends Hoist, Breacher Side Swipe and Sun Streaker
IDW Kup’s Crew/ Wreckers – Kup, Blurr, Drift, FP Springer, USB Blaster, RTS Perceptor, G1 Outback, Guzzle, Night Ops Ratchet (Road Buster)

Finally, one shelf dedicated to Bot Con 2012 set and Shattered Glass:

SG Drift, SG Tracks, SG Optimus Prime, SG Ultra Magnus, Overlord, SG Soundwave & Ravage, SG Treadshot, SG Cliffjumper (Cheetimus Custom), Metal Hawk (in back) Kick Off.

So there we are – that’s the whole collection for now, but obviously with Metroplex coming in this week, things will be added.  Once I transform everyone into Robot Mode, I’ll post another update.

Stay Tuned!


  1. Very, Very nice! I have one shelf and my desk, so I sort of have to rotate pieces in and out based upon what I want to display at the time (under the terms of the smith-ford marriage act of 2011)

  2. Thanks buddy! I run my business from home, so all of my stuff is in my office. According the marriage act of 2009 that I signed in on, as long as it doesn’t flow out into the rest of the house, we’re square! Lol.

  3. For some reason I thought you would have more than that. Got some great pieces for sure though. Your MP Starscream, is that the new mold?

  4. Lol, it might look more impressive not broken up into separate pictures. I still really only focus on Classics/Generations guys, and some G1. Yeah, its the new MP Star Scream with the Coronation set. He’s awesome. I had US MP Skywarp for a while, but sold him on Ebay.

  5. Thanks Ark, its small but slowly growing! I love USB Blaster, he’s VERY cool. My only complaint is that I wish a cassette could stay in his chest in Laptop mode, but that’s very minor. I bought a scaled down Shapeways rifle for him too, which looks awesome.

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