Kre-O Microchangers

I’m not going to go into a huge amount of detail here, these guys are, after all, exceedingly simple little figures.  But here’s most of the complete set:

I did not open Waspinator for two reasons:  1.) I think he’s a dumb character (sorry fans of his) and 2.) I wanted one of them still in the package.  Let’s get into the rest:

I know I already posted pictures of Crankcase, but here he is with his partner from IDW, Spinister.  I like that they come with clear purple weapons, very Decepticon-ish.  Crankcase is carrying his “kibble” many of these guys have parts that either remain unused in robot mode or form an add-on, backpack or weapon attachment, but I’m going to just leave them off altogether.

Next up: Galvatron and Scorponok.  I like the colors used for Glavatron, and Scorponok is easily the most complex of the 6 figures both in robot and alt-mode.

Here are the alt-modes for Galvatron and Spinister –

Interesting to say the least, lol.  Galvatron’s works well, Spinister is just laying on is face holding his landing rungs in helicopter mode.

Scorponok’s alt-mode is awesome:

I mean, that actually looks like a Scorpion so that’s a plus, lol.

Finally, the guy I wanted most, SunStorm:

So….awesome.  You can’t see it, but he has his Decepticon sigil on his right wing.  I love that he comes with his null-rays as well.  His alt-mode works well too:

So there we are.  I like them, I definitely want to pick up one or two of the combiner sets to go with these guys, but they’re nothing too amazing, just Lego-guys with a gimmick.

For three bucks though, you might as well nab one if you see ’em.  Even if they just sit at your desk while at work.   And in case you haven’t seen the other posts, here’s how you can figure out who’s who in the package:

At the bottom of each pouch there’s a long serial number.  All you need to look at is the very last number, that’s who you’re getting.  They go:

0 – Crankcase

1- Scorponok

2 – Waspinator

7- Spinister

8 – Galvatron

9 – SunStorm.

More to come this week – I ended up picking up a G1 Metroplex, I have some thoughts on Fall of Cybertron, news that Retail Combaticons are hitting the shelves, my collection as it is right now and an ode to my favorite Transformer-class of toys ever.

Stay tuned!


  1. You beat me to the punch. Just picked up all 6 on the way to work yesterday, but didn’t have time last night to do a proper post.

  2. Sorry buddy, but you can always one-up me by posting Waspinator!

    The funny thing is, I haven’t seen them anywhere around my local stores. Only the Prime vs Megatron set has shown up.

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