Cyberverse IronHide

Eeehhhh…I spent most of today horribly hungover..I didn’t even have the energy to open MP Thundercracker. I did however have RID IronHide opened so I tried to do my pictures on him. Sorry they’re not the best. Anyway, on to Cyberverse IronHide:


Now, I believe it’s clear at this point how I feel about the Prime Series, I’m not a fan. But I wanted to pick up at least one figure and IronHide looked kinda cool, so what the heck.


Aside from kinda resembling a monkey, he’s not a bad little toy. He has pretty decent articulation too:


I feel like Hasbro was a little lazy with how the arms transform but I guess he really isn’t more than a Large Legends class.

His head sculpt isn’t horrible, but again he has a bit of a Magilla Gorilla look…


Again, sorry for the janky pictures…

Alt-mode is of course, a truck. I like the look:


Though clear aqua blue for the cannons kinda look like he’s hauling water bottles, lol.

I did have one QC issue, mine came with two left front tires, which doesn’t allow him to transform correctly:


Size wise here he is with ‘Bee and Legends Optimus Prime:


So not bad. I’m glad they’re adding more characters than the four or five on the show, (and Smokescreen was a cool in screen addition for sure!). Ill be interested in seeing the Kup Deluxe version of this mold too.

Lots to post on this week – my reprolables set for Metroplex and the Seacons came in, MP Thundercracker, and Generations FOC Swindle should arrive from TFSource!

Stay tuned!


  1. I have to chime in on this- I hated the animation for about an episode, and the story caught me in… and then I found I liked the character designs- G1 will always hold a special place in my heart, but Prime is a pretty worthy successor IMHO- I’m going to put up pics of my TFP figures coming up soon, if you would like to check them

    1. I’ll check them out for sure! I still watch Prime every week, and I really like Smokescreen! My issue is just the smaller things, like why does Bulkhead need PT? He has no organics that could atrophy. He’s a robot. Ratchet shoud be able to fix any thing like he current problems. Plus I hate the kids, lol. If it were just the Transformers, I’d be fine. Well and if they were all a bit…stockier.

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