AE Hot Spot – Reprolabled

Here’s Hot Spot repro’d up so he’s all fancy pantsy.


For the most part, he’s basically given more Red and Chrome.

But the REAL surprise was the included Defensor face!


It basically just imitates the attached head on the G1 version.


The nice headlights are included as well, not to mention the license plate for the front. I skipped the light additions, the just added chrome, which seemed unnecessary.


Surprisingly, they didn’t add new symbols, which has to be a first for any set! Additional chrome panels are added to the sides.

Finally, tail lights are added to the back. I also threw on the second license plate that reads “Protcto” just because it seemed too awesome to not use.


All in all it’s a nice set! I may look to add better Autobot symbols on the sides, but of 100% sure.

Till next time!


  1. Yeah Ark, it definitely is a great set and really does a nice job of making Hot Spot a bit more colorful…well…for a light blue fire engine that is…

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