Fall of Cybertron DLC is Out

New DLC for Fall of Cybetron hit the online stores today (at least in the US).
The meat of the DLC is the Insecticons and Hound for Multiplayer:

Hound looks awesome, but I was surprised at first to find he was a Destroyer as I figured he’d be an infiltrator, but then I thought about it and there’s like a Bazillion Infiltrator options already, so it’s for the best that he’s in a different category.
Oddly enough, Bombshell’s a Titan.


Kickback and Shrapnel are Scientists, which makes sense.
I guess I just wish they would incorporate these guys into the campaign.  It would be as simple as making it a “skin swap” like G1 Optimus and G2 Bruticus.


Meh….still fun to use them in MP.



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