New Arrivals..lots of new arrivals!

Holy moly! What an afternoon for me and UPS!


Some of these guys are getting the eBay chopping block, (looking at you Smokescreen and Blaster)..but not many. I had to open Leo Prime, he just seemed so awesome, and he is.

Kup and Perceptor get igear love next, I just had to post this.


  1. Awesome haul! I have all of these, except for Leo Prime and Blaster. I noticed a lot of these are Walmart Exclusives. I found them all in store when they came out. I miss the days when store exclusives were easy to find…

    Anyway, I’m especially proud of finding Powerglide, Skyfall, and Hardhead. My Walmart goofed and they were only $10 each!

  2. 10 bucks is a STEAL! Nice work HP!

    Blaster is for sure going on ebay, which I’ll link on the site with a few other things I’m chopping. If you need him, keep your eyes peeled!

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