iGear W-01 Kup and Perceptor Upgrade

Boy, that light box took longer than I thought.  But mainly because I’ve been a bit under the weather.  Anyway, here’s my first pictures taken with a light box, I need to fine tune things a bit, and probably get brighter bulbs.


iGear created weapons for Generations and RTS Kup and Perceptor based on their IDW appeances where Kup is basically Hanibal from A-Team and Perceptor is a bad ass marksman (as well as a scientist).

The weapons come in this cool carrying case, complete with flip up handle:

Crack it open and the weapons are kept in a nice, foam filler:

Kup gets his two blasters seen in Spotlight: Drift –

Okay, well, trust me, he has two I just can’t seem to find a good scan of them.. but equipped, they look awesome:

Perceptor gets more love.  In the IDW comics, Perceptor is a bad ass, so he gets his twin pistols AND the much loved sniper rifle!:

So yeah, for the price, which is under 20 bucks at TFSource, this set is worth every penny for IDW fans.  It gives both characters that extra little something, even though they are two of the coolest Generations Toys made.
Just for some added gansta-ness:

More to come, including a who lotta Optimus Prime Love!

Stay Tuned!


  1. Not bad. I might think about getting this set… price seems right too.

    Also I need to get some of those Spotlight books. I haven’t read any. Artwork looks awesome and I hear good things with the writing.

    Great pics of Perceptor!

  2. They’re really good, but they generally fit into the Ongoing timeline from All Hail Megatron.

    The upgrade set is so worth the price! Even if you don’t’ use them for Kup or Perceptor!

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