More Reprolabels

The other two reprolabel sets for Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime and Shockwave have been applied.

Lets start with Optimus Prime – as I somewhat predicted, the majority of this set is highlighting the many details found on the mold:



The back thrusters were what I was hoping for the most. The small smokestack highlights were tough to apply but a nice touch.


Truck mode is where the majority of the detailing comes into play. From the improved windows, to the headlight, there’s a lot to add.



The wheel highlights are a great improvement as well and of course the rear tail lights.


Now Shockwave gets a little more bang for his buck.


The chest piece adds a brighter appearance and comes with two options, a G1 grid or the in game version, I of course went with G1.  You have two options for his eye, yellow or pink.  I went with yellow, as G1 Shockwave had a yellow eye.


I don’t love the segmented ‘Con symbols on the wings, but they’re a nice addition to the plain ol’ wings.


Details on vehicle mode are nothing too special. Mainly just highlights and thrusters in the rear, which helps a lot.


So in the end, they aren’t as impressive as the Jazz set, but are well worth it to improve the overall appearance of these guys. I really look forward to the Combaticon sets that I assume reprolables is working on.


Coming up: Piranhacon’s triumphant update!

Stay tuned!


Edit: I accidentally switched the two pictures of Shockwave – the greyed out version was supposed to be the final shot.  Now I’m too lazy to change it.


  1. Dang your Reprolabel posts…you keep making me want to throw more money at them!

  2. For the FOC guys its well worth it. Some of the other sets seem unnecessary, but these guys gain SO much.

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