Righteous, Dude!


So, I got a bug up my  butt about Soundwave needing to be a Cassette Player.   The BotCon ’12 Invasion box set came with the (sometimes controversial) Shattered Glass Soundwave, who was a repaint and slight remold of Universe Iron Hide/Ratchet.   Despite his often harsh criticisms, I actually like him quite a bit, however, he’s a SUV, and I just couldn’t shake the fact that I wanted to pick up the “original” Shattered Glass Soundwave:



Now, this is the Takara Music Label – Sonic White Soundwave, but he has be officially retooled to Shattered Glass Soundwave.  While he can’t actually store a cassette in his chest, he has a flip open door where you insert a memory card and he’s able to play MP3 music files.


“Ravege, like, totally eject!”



SG Ravage looks quite nice next to him as well.  I applied my one SG Decepticon logo I had.   In terms of size, he’s actually smaller than I thought he would be, so let’s take a look at some comparison shots:
Here’s SG Soundwave (SUV) and SG Soundwave (Cassette Player)








Here’s a comparison with Soundblaster (I surprisingly don’t have a G1 Soundwave!)




Finally, a comparison with United (Generations) WFC Soundwave:


Lol, yeah, he’s totally giving “bunny ears”.


The packaging is quite impressive as well, very much along the lines of the Master Piece releases:



“35 Dollars? Bummer dude!”


And yes, he can totally wear the absurdly expensive headband from TFCC Store.  That adds a great touch to the figure for sure!


For now, BotCon ’12 Soundwave will be put back in the box so he’s safe and secure, but if I get more room, I’ll probably work both figures into my display.  Until then:


“Okay Ravage, let’s play some ROCKIN’ Tunes!”


More Reprolables coming up as well as  new Crazy Devy upgrade seems to have slipped under the radar.
Stay tuned!



  1. Yeah, I was pretty surprised at his size too, but really he’s on par with Device Label Blaster and most Deluxe figures, so I have no problem with it. I don’t know first hand, as I don’t have a spare SD card to use for MP3s, but from what I’ve heard, its pretty good, except the ear buds are kind of garbage.

  2. I don’t blame you, Soundwave should always be an audio player of some kind. Just like Megatron should always be a huge frakkin’ gun of some kind instead of a tank. It is just the man trying to push their new ideas on us. Not cool, not cool.

  3. Hey Ark, I’m all GEEE ONNNNNE! So I’m right there too. I usually have my United Soundwave in his faux Boombox mode too! Once my MP SW comes in, I’ll do a whole thing with it.

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