First World Problems…

I made this for a friend today, and had to share it, because frankly, I’m still laughing…


I just want to comment that I think right now, it’s a great time to be involved with the hobby of collecting Transformers.  There seems to be a really good balance of a multitude of different genres and styles being produced and there seems to be something for just about anyone who’s a fan.

But for completetionists, like my buddy I made the poster for, I can understand the frustration.  There is just SO Much coming out and just enough differences between what Takara produces and what Hasbro produces that it warrants trying to get all variations.    I think there are instances where completionist collectors need to focus on just one aspect or they’ll go crazy.   I know I’m going to try to get all of the FOC Combaticon sets (including the Wreckers).


Up next – MP Sideswipe and oh God, is he awesome!




  1. LOL! I stopped trying to be completionist long time ago. Money is one thing, but after a while you just run out of space.

    Also, I’m opening my MP Sideswipe as I write this… lovin’ the alt mode so far!

  2. Yeah, I mean, c’mon. Even if you just stick to Soundwave, there’s like 1200 of them by now. Lol. Just posted on Sideswipe…love him….LOVE….him.

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