G2 FOC Bruticus review part 1

Sigh…there’s no place for human Politics in the realm of Transformer reviews. Suffice it to say, I spent the day moping around until I decided to get this review done. So let s jump in with part one of the FoC Bruticus G2 colors review!


I’m going to break this up into three parts, starting with Blast Off and Vortex. I won’t go into specific aspects of the team, I already did that, these will mainly showcase the colors. I’ll get to Bruticus at the end.

Lets look at Vortex. First things first, I think he’s gorgeous. His colors are just amazing:


The silver detailing is just such a subtle touch but really makes Vortex look great. Oddly enough, his blades aren’t painted, but I’m okay with it. The visor is painted orange which I can’t love more:


Purple and orange will always get me all giddy.


Here’s a robot mode color comparison shot. SDCC Vortex has actually become my least favorite at this point.

Alt mode looks amazing too:


I love the big G2 symbol on the side. He’s really a spot on match with the original G2 colors, I wish I still had my set..stupid college making me feel like I needed to sell things…


Finally an alt mode comparison shot. G2 is the clear winner here in my opinion. His paint job is the better of the three.

Blast Off is…outstanding.


I think it’s because he’s white. There’s something about a white Decepticon that I just love. Unfortunately I think he’ll get flak for also having purple frame work, but oh we’ll.


His head looks so good with red eyes, but I’m not sure why they used blue for the detailing. I don’t hate it, it just seems odd. Love the silver mouth plate though.


Seems my stupid Target, Walmart and TRU STILL don’t have the Combaticons, I only have SDCC Blast Off to compare. Really wish SDCC was much darker brown…

Alt mode is radical:


The detailing is very well done, which unfortunately will only serve to highlight the retail versions obvious lack there of. Reprolables should be on top of that though!


Again, I love the G2 ‘Con symbol. So awesome. It also makes me think I might have to keep these guys out of the box and in my “Timelines” / BotCon 2010 G2 shelf. Hmmm…

Ok, next up we’ll look at Swindle (eeeeeeii! ) and Brawl. Or possibly G2 BotCon ‘Cons. I also picked up another Kabaya Gum Transformer set today at the “sorta” local Japanese grocery store, I’d like to get to them (and Kabaya Fort Max)

Stay tuned!



  1. G2 Vortex just looks awesome to me! I love his detailing for sure but Blast Off’s Face kinda puts me off a bit….but Vortex is my favorite out of the G2 Set for sure!

  2. Yeah, I think Blast Off needs to have a visor or more squared out eyes. The little red beady eyes don’t really look that good up close. From a more reasonable distance I don’t mind it as much.

    Vortex is just awesome.

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