G2 FOC Bruticus Review part 2

Lets take a look at the next part of the G2 Bruticus review, Brawl and Swindle.

Starting with Brawl:


Brawl is a bit boring I’m afraid. In every version, he’s a green tank. That’s not a bad thing but it also keeps him from standing out.


Luckily, they gave him an orange eye visor, and a awesome silver chest detailing with his G2 con symbol.

I like Blastin stuff! Me too!!

Again, I don’t have Retail Brawl so well only see the difference between the SDCC and G2 versions. I actually do prefer G2 Brawl.


In alt mode, you really see the difference with G2’s “camouflage” and SDCC’s silver plated cannons. G2 seems to be right I the middle with detailing, more than Retail…


But obviously less than SDCC.

Finally, I promised I’d show Brawl’s “alternate” transformation, based on the scene from Fall of Cybertron when Onslaught orders Brawl to bomb the bridge and Brawl says “main guns online!!”


It’s really just a matter of pulling the legs down. But overall pretty accurate.

Now onto my guy, Swindle!


I love him. Plus again with the orange visor!!


I have a plethora of FOC Swindles now, which is awesome!


You can see some the differences in detailing, SDCC has the best head, hands down.


Alt mode, again you can see the various detailing jobs.


Clearly SDCC Swindle wins in the paint apps section. Retails yellow and black are awesome and G2 just looks radical.


Up next well finish the review with Onslaught and Bruticus himself.

Stay Tuned!


  1. I’ve got Swindle in my hand right now and he is awesome, he does look great for sure….Brawl is cool too….I’d say so far out of the 5 for the G2 Color Version I’d say Brawl, Vortex,and Swindle look the best.

      1. Onslaught in the G2 Version looks like some Quarterback for some reason….just is like he’s saying “GIVE ME THE FOOTBALL!” actually he looks a bit more like a Linebacker…..

        But Onslaught’s figure with the Yellow/Purple…..

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