BotCon 2010 Box Set Review

Let’s take a look at the BotCon 2010 Box set that I picked up for a steal!

The cover art is amazing and features all five characters included in the set.

Let’s start with the Autobots –

Pyro – who belongs to this group – is well…colorful.

To me though, Pyro should look  like this:

I do dig the Inferno mold though and for being a repaint, and clearly using the most paint aps ever.   Let’s take a closer look at his head sculpt:

I’m not going to go into TOO much detail here just because these are all older molds.  So here’s Pyro in his truck mode:

He’s awesome.  His paint scheme is dead on to the original toy.  I would love a new head upgrade from Dr. Wu or something,  but other than that, he’s excellent.  Of course, thanks to Pyro, I’ll probably have to buy Artfire….*sigh*.

Next up we have Streetwise – (His name is technically called Street Star due to license issues….) –

Because this set is “G2 Redux”, Streetwise is of course in his Black G2 colors, which is all kinds of fricken awesome:

I mean, the red and blue on his waist is a great touch, the detailing is spot on and once again, this mold is proving more awesome than my first impressions.  I do keep his missiles “tucked” in just because the original didn’t really have them and it helps distinguish him from Prowl and the rest.

I don’t know what happened with this picture..but here’s a crappy head picture.

Alt-mode is radical –

Yeah…he’s that sexy.

Lets move on to the ‘Cons.   There are two Decepticons and one Predicon in the set – lets start with the Predicon, everyone’s favorite Poet Warlord, SKY-BYTE!

I’ve created a separate shelf for Timelines which is most of the TFCC stuff.  So I did put my Leo Prime on the shelf so I have a Predicon and Maximal.

He’s pretty awesome.  His head sculpt is quite impressive:

As for his alt-mode – it IS pretty cool –

But its not really a great “shark”.

Breakdown is who I was most excited for –

The very first BotCon in 1994, offered an actual G2 Breakdown toy at the exclusive so it’s pretty awesome that they brought him back in Classics form:

The license plate: BCFW94 – BotCon Fort Wayne ’94.   I love his head sculpt.  So awesome:

And of course, his (as awesome as Streetwise) alt-mode – in all its glorious G2 Neon!

So radical.  Also, having two classics combiner limbs is just making my day every time I see them on the shelf.

Finally, there’s big bad Clench:

I have to say, this mold is very cool. It’s so big and imposing, its why I used Onslaught to re-purpose him as Turmoil.  Luckily with Clench, they removed all the goofy “Lights and sounds” stuff, just leaving a bad ass Decepticon:

His head sculpt is very unique. 

There’s nothing new with his alt-mode, but its as awesome as always.

Its a cool box set for sure.  I’ll have to post on my 2012 set now I suppose.

I did get get SideBurn with the set as well, but as he’s not officially part of the set, I left him out. I’m also going keep PRIME Rid Dead End on this shelf to go with Breakdown and Dragstrip.

Next up, I’ll be taking a look at Fansproject Assaulter, so Stay tuned!


  1. One of my favorite Botcon sets (and one that I still own). You need Rapido to round out the set.

    I do have to ask why you and others spell Predacon as Predicon?

    1. Oops, that was a typo! Predacon is for sure the way to spell it! I would LOVE Rapido! I had the original version!

      1. I only asked about the spelling because I’ve seen a lot of people spell Predacon that way. Rapido is equally ad impressive as Streetstar, but Fun Pub had to be all cutesy and print his tech spec card in Spanish!

  2. I too still have my G2 Rapido.

    Nice review. This is a cool set. I like to get one but I’m sure all dealers are asking a arm and a leg for it 😦

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