Thanks Walgreens!

So…Prime Deluxe class figures are (were) on sale at my local Walgreens for 5$. FIVE DOLLARS!?

So I nabbed Dead End!


I really am starting to like the Non-main-cast toys, and Dead End is Awesome! He’ll be my G2 Dead End, and as much as his vampire face is cool, I do hope a third party company makes a more G1 like head.

Working on my BotCon 2010 post right this moment, Stay tuned!!


  1. $5!? I didn’t even know Walgreens had TFs. I’m gonna have to make a visit. I think I bought all I need from TF Prime but if I see some extra Vehicons for $5 I’ll grab them.

    I have mentioned on my blog before that Wheeljack is my fav deluxe from TFP. I think now you see why 🙂

  2. Well its not all of them, but the one by me had them on sale. Most Walgreens do have Transformers, but from what I’ve seen most of them still have the first DoTM Waves, so the newer stuff is rare.

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