Transformers Generations: Ultimate Gift Set

I’m not going to go into a lot of depth on this set, the molds are all repaints, not that it’s a bad thing of course!

The box is very well done and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m loving the new Generations logo.


The back has everyone’s tech specs, but I laughed at one aspect shown here:


Lol, apparently Optimus Prime’s rank is only a 9. If being a Prime doesn’t get your rank “10”, I don’t know what would!

The two Legends class figures are Thundercracker and Motormaster (or Motorbreath for legal reasons):


Both come with weapons, which is unique to the GDO Legends, Thundercracker has his null-rays, and Motormaster has his sword, which stores awkwardly on the roof of the cab:


Not too bad, Thundercracker looks good, Motormaster needs a trailer and not an Optimus Prime head.

Speaking of Optimus, the first of the two deluxes is a repaint of Laser Optimus Prime: Combat Hero Optimus Prime:


He’s super blue, but I really like the red piping and sword. Oddly enough, I actually have G2 Combat Hero Megatron MISB:


This mold has grown on me, mainly because of Shattered Glass Optimus Prime V2.


SG Ultra Magnus is also blue so I didn’t bother including him.


My only issue is that my Prime has some QC issues. His arms don’t want to line up very well:


I do love the G2 Autobot symbol, I kind of wish Jazz had it too. And speaking Jazz, the main reason I bought this set was for Jazz:


I love this mold, and the G2 color homage is done really well. Lets take a look with Repro’d RTS Jazz:


His paint apps are very nice, car mode is outstanding:


The painted rims are a nice touch compared to RTS Jazz too:


So there we go, nothing super special but a really nice set for G2 fans, and it uses some great molds for the figures. I still find Optimus’ tech specs funny.

Next up: FOC Sideswipe and “Air Raid”, stay tuned!

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