Takara Tomy CapBots: Capticon

In spite of myself, I kinda adore this little guy…


Continuing their line of Transformers “partnered” with other franchises, Takara brings us the CapBots in association with New Era caps. There are only two of them, Captimus Prime an Autobot, and Capticon, a Decepticon. I went with Capticon…he just looks cooler.

He comes packed in a simple clamshell case, but the case art is actually quite nicely designed, though my Japanese is way too rusty to translate much if it besides the obvious:


Here’s the back, which shows the transformation.


Onto the little guy himself, in Cap mode he’s quite small. If you can picture it, he would fit on Fortress Maximus.


Much like the FoC Data Discs, he has an auto-transformation if you press that button in top. He flips open, like so:


Leaving you to finish off the rest with a few twists and tucks.


He’s not gonna win any prizes for poseability, but he has about as many joints as a deluxe which is quite surprising!

His Head sculpt is awesome, it’s part of the reason why I chose him over the Optimus Prime version. I love the little cannons behind his head too, what a cool little detail!


He’s got kind of a smug, punky grin on his face that just makes me smile every time. It kinda makes me want them to make a Rumble and Frenzy version!

He also has really cool details molded in, like these thrusters under his back “wings”:


Size comparison, he actually unfolds to a pretty decent size, here he is next to Shattered Glass Prime:


Don’t worry about that sword Prime’s holding, I’ll get to that…

Anyway, all in all, he’s quite awesome, and I have a feeling he’ll be hanging out on my desk with FOC Soundblaster for some time.


Up next, Prime’s Sword and my new G1 niche I’m collecting!

Stay tuned!


  1. Just as a quick follow up, some people complain of him not staying together in cap mode…I have not had a single issue with this. I even dropped him and he stayed together.

  2. I’ve been debating getting these guys. I’ve been waiting on more reviews. I still kick myself for not getting the Nike transformers…

  3. The one thing I don’t like, and this applies to real caps too, is the “foil” on the bill or feet.

      1. I know, but I just keep seeing the “stickers” on the feet. 😦

  4. I pre-ordered Captimus when they were first announced. I love these off beat releases. I would’ve bought Capticon too, but I’m tired of the all black motif that is running rampant through Transformers. Great review.

    1. I know, I think they’re Awesome! I’m tempted to pick up Captimus too!

      Yeah, Black is all the rage with the Decepticon designs these days.

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