Dr. Wu Winter 2012 exclusive: TP05-X Broken Sword

Here’s a pretty neat little add on – Dr. Wu’s winter 2012 exclusive through Captured Prey TP05- X Broken Sword!


The packaging is very simple, but inside we see this beauty-


The blade is made of metal, and this version is painted Metallic Purple, intended to be used with Shattered Glass Prime (either version) –


It’s a very impressive add on piece, that adds a very powerful look to Evil Optimus Prime! If you look closely at the hilt, it even has the Matrix molded into the design:


The price is very reasonable, and I do believe Captured Prey has some in stock, so I highly recommend picking this up, even if you don’t have Shattered Glass Prime!  You can find it here:  http://www.capturedprey.com/store/dr_wu_broken_blade_exclusive

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  1. Nice to see the construction of the sword isn’t cheaply done. I don’t have a Nemesis Prime so I don’t have a need for the sword, but man does it look great.

  2. Yeah, its a sturdy piece for sure. They do make others so you could go that route!

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