My New G1 Niche

Lets kick it old School with my new G1 niche! Import Throttlebots!


That’s right folks, were talking a new category for me to slowly chip away at. It started when I picked up Chase here from TFSource (visit them at While he comes in the Takara Tomy packaging, you can see the Italian GiG label, and when we look at the back, sure enough, it’s all in Italian!


Why collect Throttlebots? Well, while US Throttlebots are relatively easy to come by, Japanese (and Italian) imports are MUCH harder to find, but more importantly, they don’t command the wallet murdering prices their bigger, more impressive brethren do.

As a G1 guy, I feel I need to commit to on collection from the line and this one is both cost effective AND space effective!


Even though Chase’s box has seen better days, I’m glad to have a protective sleeve with a label for the time being. An acrylic case would be better, but I’ll save that for a more impressive specimen.

Inside, Chase sits snug as a bug in his styrofoam packaging:


Styrofoam AND a Ferrari Testarossa?? How deliciously late 80’s!

Chase himself is in really good shape.

His rub sign works great,


and his pull-and-go gimmick is still fully functional!


As a robot, there’s not much going on. He has literally no articulation but that’s nothing new..these guys were the G1 BotShots.


His head is pretty awesome though, I really like it –


I honestly can’t wait for the ToyWorld version of Chase, he should be outstanding!

As a kid I had Freeway, so on the cheap I picked him up on EBay. He’s in rough shape compared to Chase, but not too bad:


His rub sign doesn’t work very well and his pull back gimmick just barely functions…but he brings back fond memories as he was one of my toys that I took EVERYWHERE.


So now the slow, steady search begins, but honestly, that’s where all the fun is with G1 collecting!

Next up, the G1 Craze continues! Stay Tuned


  1. LOL! Didn’t think anyone would be interested in Throttlebots other than me. I have Freeway, Rollbar, and Goldbug. All 3 are in pretty good shape, I’ll take some pics next time.

    As for the ToyWorld figures, I might get them. Maybe see some reviews first.

  2. Yep, HP, I LOVE them. I’ll have a review of Rollbar (Toy World) up in just a bit!

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