Anniversary’s are the right of ALL Sentient beings…or something along those lines.

Anniversary Phoot


One lucky runner-up winner will receive a brand new KRE-O Micro-changers Devastator kit!


Two lucky 2nd place winners will win a brand new – Takara AM-32 WILD RIDER!


The Grand Prize Winner – will receive a set of Brand New, Takara AM 30 & 31 Rumble and Frenzy!

Rumble Frenzy

The Rules:

The rules are real simple:

On Twitter – Follow @PaxCybertron and retweet posts to your followers.  Each NEW follow and NEW RETWEET will get your name or online handle entered into the drawing.

On Facebook – LIKE PaxCybertron, and share, comment on posts and add your own posts to the page.  Each NEW LIKE, SHARE or POST will get your name entered into the contest.

On WordPress/ – Comment on any new post, (excluding this one), follow or link at your own site to PaxCybertron.  EACH NEW COMMENT, FOLLOW and LINK will get your name/site entered into the contest.

The contest will run from Today, FEBRUARY 6th until MIDNIGHT FEBRUARY 27th.   Winners will be drawn on February 28th, and you will be notified via the winning method of entry (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Blog).

You can enter as many times as you want via each method, HOWEVER, only one entry per Tweet, Post, Share will count.

It’s THAT EASY!  I’ll put up a separate page as well so this doesn’t get buried under new posts, you can always refer to it that way.

So get out there and start getting your names entered!

Thanks for a great year!!


  1. If we’ve already liked your FB page and follow you on Twitter do we get “credit”? Love the idea of the contest…and the prizes aren’t half bad either!

    1. Well, all you have to do then is just comment, like and retweet! Just like you did!

  2. Thanks buddy! You’re entered in now, so keep posting and you have a chance to win!

  3. Just followed you on Twitter, retweeted and liked you on FB.

    2 questions…
    Did the retweet have to be about this post(I couldn’t find it, so I retweeted one that I liked)?

    And does the above mean that I have 3 contest entries?


  4. Not sure if the last one posted…so here it goes again.
    I just followed you on Twitter, re-tweeted and liked you on Facebook. I just have 2 questions…Did the re-tweet have to be about the contest(I couldn’t find it, so I re-tweeted one that interested me)? And does the above get me 3 contest entries?


    1. Nice! Each new follow like (for the page AnD posts) and each new retweet from following gets an entry. Re-retweets of the same topic don’t count. So retweeting about Wildrider gets an entry. Retweeting about him again, an hour later, doesn’t. Make sense?

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