Hasbro Brought out the Big Guns at Toy Fair….literally

So Toy Fair was this weekend, and Hasbro brought their A game.

Many MANY new toys in the works.  Here’s a quick shot of Triple Changer Springer, based on his IDW appearance! *SWOOOON*


Other figures seen include the new Megatron based on his latest IDW comic – SPOTLIGHT: MEGATRON and the massive news of a 2 foot tall FOC METROPLEX!




My brain is in overcharge mode right now so more on all of this later.





  1. Considering HasTak has been getting it’s butt kicked by the 3rd Parties, especially this year. Looking forward to these awesome editions to the line. Hopefully I will have some money left by that time after the 3rd party fangasm is over in a few months with all the combiners and big bots coming out.
    Too bad they put out that Beat Hunters line…really not interested in that. Glad they are giving us a carrot to look forward to.

    1. Agreed 100%. This new direction is a great step forward for them. I have literally no interest in BH either, I would rather see them continue off-screen PRIME characters like Prowl, Dragstrip, etc…

  2. Let me be frank, Beasthunters sucks. These new pics are friggin killer! C’mon Hasbro, deliver the goods!

    1. Agreed, but I’ll say this, the cyberverse Terrorcons are going to be a must buy for me. AND, Cyberverse Shockwave looks pretty good. The deluxes and burn and die.

  3. Seeing these pics has completely changed my mind on Generations. Again. Blitzwing and Springer look frakking awesome! And Orion Pax! I’m still undecided on Metroplex, however. Oddly enough, the face is what’s holding me back. The rest looks killer! I’m sure I’ll pick him up.

    1. I literally can’t wait for all of them. Even Bumblebee looks amazing. They’re producing toys based on Comics FOR collectors…that’s A+ work Hasbro. Metroplex to me looks awesome, even his big-chin face, which I suspect will look way better in person. Can’t wait!!

  4. Honestly, I am a Takara Tomy fan. But seeing these pieces have impressed me! However, I agree with those that dislike the Beast Hunters line. Plus, atop of that, I found “Platinum Edition” Ultra Magnus to be a complete turn-off. And Metroplex to be some kind of compensation for the fact they cannot reissue Fort Max.

    Beyond that, I’m hoping to see what TOMY plans to announce. (Lets say that I am hoping for both an “Encore” Ultra Magnus as well as an “ALL SPARK/Generations” Ultra Magnus at this time.)

    1. Well, TT does a great job of producing more collector oriented figures, but these really are superbly done by Hasbro. I too can’t wait to see what TT announces as I do hope they produce an AM Dragstrip and Motormaster (and DeadEnd really….) and the Encore line should be kept going strong, I agree!

  5. He makes ALL Springers obsolete Flywheels. My Defender is a horse apple now next to him.

  6. Springer is my main one I’ll be going after here and Blitzwing and if there’s a Sandstorm coming out I’ll pick him up too.

    Hasbro looks like they might have a chance combatting Takara for my attention [Plus money] this year now that I’ve seen a lot of their new figures.

    That Metroplex looks great.

    1. I agree. I sold my Warbot Defender today because THIS will bet springer. I can’t wait for all of them!!

      1. Course this means with everyone gunning for Springer he’s gonna be scalper bait and hard to find…Hoping that this will help draw me away from the expensive anime figures later this year.

        I’m glad I don’t have the Warbot Defender anymore sold it a while back it was a cool figure but looking at the new Springer he is the best Springer I mean looking at him you’d probably think “I got better things to do tonight than die.”

        Still Hasbro’s going all out hopefully and not gonna cancel these but they gotta do something to compete with the 3rd Parties that are getting a lot of attention this year.

      2. I agree. I should hope they don’t cancel anything. I’ll be devastated.

      3. It’s a sad thing to say at this point but you know with Hasbro’s Track record on things they’ll piss me off if they cancel these in favor of something else.

        But I’m sure we’ll see some more awesome stuff at Bot Con and the next big conventions…

        Hasbro might make it to where we want to scream “TAKE MY MONEY!” when they dangle figures like this in front of us. Springer just looks awesome…hopefully they don’t screw up with Quality Control on him.

    2. This Springer rivals Fansproject Warbot not-Springer. Very much looking forward to. This entire line!

      1. Rivals? Crushes him! At least for me. The IDW head wins it for me.

  7. All Hasbro wants is your money. Period. Do not be deceived by this abomination they want to call Metroplex. This is a far cry from a good product just because it is big. The FoC Metroplex looked 1000X better than this silly “all legs” version. No doubt any of the 3rd party guys can make one 1000% better, more detailed, and more accurate. And for god’s sake, I hope they do. Case and point: look at Planet X’s Project Genesis vs CNY Omega Supreme. PX out does it in EVERY way, because all hasbro wants to do is re-work an old toy and slap a new box on it, plus over charge for it. I mean, who wants the same figure for the 3rd time? This has been how they have operated for Decades, Transfans! DON’T BE SHEEP!! Even when the same exact toy is released by Takara/Tomy, it’s still twice as good as the Hasbro version. Just look at the difference between the FoC figures.

    I admit I was very interested in a FoC Springer (like the one on the concept art drawings) and then we got the real pictures. Kind of a BIG difference and a let down. The Blitzwing looks ok, but an Astrotrain would be prime too!

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