Takara Transformers PRIME AM # 32: WILDRIDER

While I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have a very strong interest in the PRIME RiD Line, when I saw the Arms Micron 30, 31 & 32 figures, I knew I’d have to give them a shot.  So let’s take a look at No.32, the Stunticon: Wildrider

Title fancy

Because I’m Johnny-come-lately to the Arms Micron series, I feel a bit foolish typing this next sentence but: For those who aren’t aware, Arm Micron is Takara’s take on the PRIME line, adding small “partners” to each toy.  Sometimes they’er animals, sometimes robots, but all of them transform, Target Master style into an enhanced weapon for the Transformer in question to use.   We’ll get into Wildrider’s “AM” a bit later.  First things first, let’s take a look at Wildrider himself:

Robot Mode

Wildrider uses what I think is easily consider one of the more popular molds from the PRIME line, the Wheeljack mold, but with some slight retooling, a new head sculpt and a very G1 Accurate paint scheme.

main start

Just for comparison, let’s take a look at the old G1 combiner Wildrider:


So as  you can see, Takara did a great job of keeping the paint scheme accurate.

Given that there’s 100000 reviews of Wheeljack and his several repaints, I won’t bother going into huge details with articulation here.  Basically, if your Wheeljack can do it, so can Wildrider.

What I WILL talk about here, is the major differences between US and Takara figures, as well as Wildriders  changes.  For one thing, check out his headsculpt!

head scupt

Now…I have to admit, I don’t LOVE the Frankenstein bolts on his ears. I know the G1 cartoon had him (or maybe Deadend) with them, but I would have preferred to have left them off.  Everything else is outstanding.  The red face with the grey head, and gold eyes just work really well together.  Unfortunately, I have a tiny QC red dot on there, but a little flick of the x-acto knife should fix that.  I love that they kept his head vaguely squared off like the G1 toys as well.

One of the major differences between the US and Takara toys is the fact that the Takara versions give you stickers to apply for detailing.   These stickers include the obvious symbols and headlights, but they also include some extra stickers for you to apply how you see fit.   For Wildrider, he gets a most awesomely awesome STUNTICON sticker.

detailing stickers stunticons

I mean first of all, the coloring is amazing.   Second of all…its fricken MOTORMASTER!  I mean, how cool is that?  You get two of these (I put one on each shoulder) and two smaller, monochrome versions…..I gave them to Deadend.  AWESOME.  I really like this aspect of applying the stickers, there’s something satisfying about using an x-acto knife to place them just right and taking that extra care to make things look great!

OF course, the MAJOR difference is the names sake of the line, the Arms Micron Partners.   These little guys are a feature I didn’t really pay attention to until I built my first one: Wildrider’s partner – Ozu

ozu 1 mamoth mode

Awww, isn’t he adowable??  He’s a little robot Mammoth!  How little?

wr and ozu

Like Soundwave’s cassettes little.  Which is possibly the reason why I love these guys.  While they’re not all animals, they do have a very cassetticon feel to them.

Ozu, like all the others, transforms into a weapon for Wildrider ala the Targetmasters.   However, not all of the Arms Microns turn into guns. Many of them turn into melee weapons and they can be mix-matched and combined to form super weapons.    Ozu does turn into a gun though and he turns into a pretty cool one!

ozu 2 gun mode

I love the bullet barrel design (also, I realize he’s a touch mis-transformed.  The snout should sit snug against the body.    Anyway, Wildrider can wield him quite well –

action pose

Though Ozu has some heft to him so I usually have Wildrider supporting him with both hands.    I think the other reason I like the Arms Microns is because you get to build them yourself similar to a Gunpla kit:

ozu spru

Though obviously far less complicated seems all the parts come on one sprue.  You get a small instruction sheet on how to assemble them as well as stickers to apply.   One of the coolest things I’ve seen:  the way the little “power crystal” design works:

ozu 4 side design

What an amazing use of clear plastic and a silver sticker!

Now, let’s take a look at Wildrider in his awesome alt-mode!

Altmode copy

car mode main

In my opinion, this is the best looking use of the mold yet.   His coloring is amazing, the stickers add some great touches, and the clear red windshield seals the deal.

car mode hood design

The hood design is fantastic.  The ‘Con symbol is three separate stickers.

car mode rear light detals

And you get rear tail-light stickers which is something the US versions need desperately.  We also see the minor retooling here, which is basically just adding on Arms Micron posts.    Naturally, Ozu attaches to Wildrider in gun modecar mode micron attached

Now that’s packing some firepower!


Here we see yet another major difference in the Takara vs US versions, the outstanding packaging these toys come in!

Box front

These are quite nice, rather large for a deluxe figure and feature great cover art of the character as well as everything that’s included, on the back:

Box Back

Very pleasing to the eye despite how busy it is.  But my favorite feature of the box, is the sides that give the bio-stats, including Hit Points, giving the bio a sort of RPG feel (and adding a whole new dimension to play ability I suppose!)

Box side WR Data

I don’t know what the difference between SP and AP are, but Wildrider’s sitting pretty with 2400 HP!  Awesome!  And believe it or not, Ozu has his stats too, but simplified:

box side ozu data

Aw…he’s ownly gowt 100 HP…he’s just a little robo-nugget, isn’t he?  (Okay, I’ll stop.)   I just get a kick out of this.

Finally, let’s get Deadend in here for some “size” comparisons (okay, really its just color comparisons, they’re both Stunticons, get off my back).

Size Comps

size comp dead end

And yes, Wildrider does come with the swords. I feel like swords are a bit played out these days,  so unless you’re name is Drift or PRIME Wheeljack, (Or Grimlock!) I try to keep them stored away.   Hence Deadend also has a blaster.

size comp alt mode dead end size comp rear detail stickers

They look good together, I’ll give them that.  I’m more partial to Wildrider, but Deadend is still really cool.  I’m secretly hoping Takara does a G1 colored Deadend, I’d be all over that.   (AND A DRAGSTRIP!!!!)

Seems I don’t really collect PRIME too much, other than Green Ironhid, *ahem* I mean, “Kup” and Wheejack (who currently reside on my FOC shelf…for …reasons…), these two will be included on my Timelines Shelf, which is just my generic “cover all” shelf.  I have most of the Stunticons assembled, just missing my TFCC SS Breakdown –

timelines stunticons

I’ll say this, I do love Wildrider and if Takara makes the rest of the Stunticons, I’ll get them, including Breakdown even though he’s a big SUV now…for some reason.

Don’t forget! TWO lucky winners will get Wildrider in the PaxCybertron 1 year Anniversary contest!  There’s still plenty of time to participate and logic dictates that the more you participate the better changes you have to win!  So far a LOT of people have been joining in!

Next, we’ll take a look at Rumble and Fenzy, and I’ll have to play catch up as a bunch of new arrivals are en route to the PaxCybertron headquarters.
So Stay Tuned!


  1. Interesting use of the Wheeljack Mold here…would be cool if they had connectors so he could “Combine” with a Set of TF Prime Stunticons.

    Good Color Scheme here. He does look good with Dead End.

  2. All I can say are three things:

    1) I love the Arms Micron concept, as it is like PRIME’s version of the Targetmasters origin… Except the weapons were mutated from Earth’s energon in this case.

    2) I have AM-11 Arcee, and she is one of my top favorites (which says a lot, being a non-G1 piece).

    3) What you said about the head mold is how I felt about it all this time. Heck, the rest is why I wanted to pre-order it… And may have to order it just for the packaging! 🙂

  3. I was on the fence about this guy, but after your review he does seem worthy of a purchase. I’ve bought so many Arms Micron toys already…why not one more? Plus his Micron is too cool not to own.

    1. I agree! I love the red windshield, but I’m always partial to translucent red. Great review!

      1. Its funny, from the picture on the box i thought the windshield would be solid red, but luckily its clear! Makes it so awesome!

  4. It’s funny. I used to think this mold had really…simian arms. Too gorilla-like. Then I got Wheeljack and realized that the long arms make for some great poses and pictures. From then, I’ve started to look into the repaints. Normally I don’t like them, but this one is really sharp. I think it’s the new headsculpt and the stickers. It really makes this look like a new figure despite all of the similarities. And the fact that his micron is an elephant? That’s both ironically awesome and totally awesome.

  5. To be honest Paul, I still think the arms look very ape-like. But I agree, they do work for poses and articulation so I’ve learned to just accept it and enjoy the figure! I love Ozu, he’s hilariously outstanding!

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