Ravage goes to the Philippines: Into

Tomorrow, I leave on a 10 day trip to the Philippines to visit my wife’s home land! 10 days is a long time to be out of the loop, so Masterpiece Ravage is coming with me:


Tune in each day to see what Ravage and I are up to, and hear some insightful, if not snarky remarks from everyone’s favorite Robot Jaguar Spy!

Stay Tuned!


  1. Enjoy your stay in the Philippines!
    I’m from there and I regularly read your site.
    While there, if you happen to be in the capital, you may want to visit Greenhills in San Juan, Metro Manila. You may be able to find some gems that may be long gone in the US or not yet available in the US. Ex. TF Prime First Edition Optimus Prime and Bulkhead, or third-party items coming from HK or China. You never know…

    1. Awesome! It should be a fun trip, we own a house outside Manilla, so ill for sure check out that spot! Thanks for the awesome tip !!

  2. Your wife is from the Philippines? That’s cool. My ex was from there. Unfortunately things didn’t work out for us but she was very supportive of my TF habit. Anyway hope you had fun there.

    1. I have an ex girlfriend who is also Philippino…but she was horrible, lol. Glad to be home!

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