Takara’s FOC Ultra Magnus

So here we’ll take a look at Takara’s take on Fall of Cybertron Ultra Magnus, who is a much lighter shade of blue…


While I really do like the Hasbro version, I knew as soon as I saw the Takara version I’d want to pick him up. The difference between the two are quite pronounced:


The face has to be my favorite change. While this picture isn’t the best, you can see he now has blue eyes, and the white was replaced with silver:



In vehicle mode, the red details are replaced with the neon pink.


Again, it’s not that I don’t like the Hasbro colors, I just think the lighter blue, it’s more “Ultra Magnus-y”



So that’s all there really is, nothing too ground breaking here. If you really like Magnus, he’s worth the exchange mark up, otherwise the Hasbro version is just fine.


Next up, we’ll take a look at Omega Supreme! Stay Tuned!


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