FOC Autobot Data Discs



After my long hiatus, it’s time to jump back into reviews with the Autobot Data Discs from the Fall of Cybertron line.


As I’ve mentioned time and again, the cassettes were alway my favorite G1 toys, so I was thrilled to learn we were getting the Autobot discs from the FOC line. I ended up getting them online as a full set, which made things easy, but less fun for sure…


The Autobot discs for the most part are nothing we haven’t seen, with Eject and Rewind using the Frenzy/Rumble mold but with new head sculpts and some different (and really well done) detailing:


Rewind comes with Sundor, because Steeljaw was included with Blaster. Sundor uses the Laserbeak mold but is a nice bright orange, and seems he hails from the Kiss Player universe (research that at your own risk…) it’s pretty awesome that they included him:


Eject comes with the star of the show though, the most successful of the this whole “auto-transform” gimmick: Ramhorn!


There are several reasons why I love this little guy –

One: He looks very much like War Within Ramhorn –


Provided you customize his eyes like I did. But the one horn look is awesome seems he really wouldn’t look like an earth rhino yet.

Two: His transformation works perfect every time!

Three: He’s the same color as G1 Ramhorn and even has his gold missile pod molded in! Awesome!


There isn’t too much to say other than that. They’re cool little toys that I’m VERY grateful were made, despite a lot of the complaints by fans.


So there we go, this was more of a dust off post, while I get back into gear. We’ll look at the MP cassettes next.

Stay Tuned!

Here’s the video review as well:


  1. Welcome back! My love for the Data Discs stems from my not getting many cassettes when I was younger. I guess I’m overcompensating. Ramhorn is totally the best of all of the Discs, but I do like Sunder as well. It helps that the Lazerbeak mold has an almost perfect auto-transformation as well.

    I too picked up these guys online as I got impatient, but as of last week, I’ve been spotting some in retailers. Target and TRU have had a handful here and there. Still waiting to find that Hun-Gurr, though.

    1. Thanks! Yeah they really cool little guys, I love them all but for sure Ramhorn wins the prize!

      I’m looking for Hun Grr too, haven’t seen a single one yet.

    1. Yeah but in a way it’s kinda awesome. I mean it proves they’re willing to use some obscure parts of the mythos.

  2. I prefer the Autobot data discs over the Decepticons easily. Ramhorn by far is the standout piece.

  3. I have to admit, Hasbro/Takara really got a lot of mileage out of these molds, and I don’t think they’re done quite yet. I’m sure we’ll see a Ramhorn repaint somewhere down the line (although I’m not quite sure how).

    1. I know Ark, and the funny thing is…I’ll totally buy them..whatever the come out with!

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