Voyager Blitzwing

So here’s voyager Blitzwing –


While he’s the least obvious homage to any IDW design, he is, in fact a very cool and excellent rendition of the original Triple Changer.



He’s also unique because he’s riddled with QC issues but you’ll find it hard to locate someone willing to condemn the figure outright. Instead, you’ll find an instance where the Transformer community as a whole came together to iron out solutions. The gist of the issue with his shoulders is that Blitzwing’s inner frame is mis-measured. I was able to fix this with a simple Emory board. It took 10 minutes. Now his shoulders lock like a safe!


His head tends to give people issues as well, but I don’t have any with mine.


The nosecone locks in quite well for me. Despite these two issues, Blitzwing features some amazing designs and successfully transforms into three very distinct forms.


With only the tank cannon sticking out the back in jet mode to really give things away. Some slack has to be given with the design anyway.


The turret even rotates in Tank mode. That’s more than can be said about the old G1 toy. (*edit*: its been pointed out to me numerous times that G1 Blitzwing’s turret does rotate.  My bad. I think ours was busted, maybe that’s why I don’t’ remember it turning.)


They gave a nod to fans of the Animated version with three distinct faces. I don’t really dig this feature though, so I just keep the classic face on him.

So all in all, he’s a great toy if you’re willing to work with him a bit. I highly recommend him even with the issues. Once fixed, he becomes something amazing!


Here’s the video:

Next up, Springer, the guy who’s ruining it for all the others.

Stay Tuned!


  1. The turret on the G1 figure turns. I can’t wait to get this guy, but I can’t find him! I found a lonesome Springer, but not Blitzwing. I’m going crazy over it.

    1. Well, you can try online, that’s what I do at this point. Unfortunately, Springer’s going to ruin him for you, because Springer is dang near perfect, and Blitzwing is decidedly…not.

      1. I’ve tried, but I can’t bring myself to order something for more online if I can find it in the store. Gotta get over that.

  2. You know what? You bring up an amazing point. Despite being riddled with QC issues out of the box, Blitz was not condemned. As Transformers fans are super fickle now, so this in and of itself is amazing. The fact that people really went all-out to try and find solutions for it is pretty amazing. Usually all you hear is negativity.

    The fix isn’t tough, but I never would have thought to do a mod like that. I’m really glad for all of the fan effort with this guy. Makes him much more enjoyable.

    1. Right? I mean it speaks to the figure and design, usually the pitchforks and torches come out with the smallest issue, but now with Blitz.

      I have the link to the fix in the description of the video if you need it.

  3. I think we all just felt so lucky to get him made, that we are willing to overlook his weak and girlish shoulders; I think I will be trying the other fix with the added material

    1. Well you for sure should open Springer! He’s in line to get figure of the year!!

  4. Awesome! I still can’t find one in store. I’ll keep these QC issues (and more importantly the fixes) in mind when I get one. A friend found Springer for me and I should be getting him this weekend!

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