Takara Generations: Ratbat

As the news from Botcon settles and the IDW/Hasbro partnership hits its stride – out from Takara we get their first, and as it seems, exclusive IDW based figure: Ratbat!


Er…Senator Ratbat I should say. As a repaint and remolding of Generations Scourge, the head-sculpt makes him stand out as an amazing rendition of his appearance in IDW’s Megatron: Origins.



The Scourge mold is impressive to begin with but making it into metallic purple Ratbat was a stroke if genius!

The purple used is quite close to the G1 Cassette as well –


And he works very well with FOC Soundwave, seems they scale similar to the comic –


Ratbat has some amazing detailing as well, the thrusters are most impressive!


And I really like how the wings can form his “cape”!


Hasbro’s FOC Ratbat data disc is hilariously pink next to him though..so I may need to find the Takara version-


He looks very nice in alt-mode as well! The stealth bomber is quite fitting –


There is a “fan-mode” as well but I don’t care for it. Instead here’s a bunch of ratbats in alt mode!


Finally, not that this has any bearing on the actual story (in case you haven't read it) but there's this:



So yeah…but this guy. He’s awesome!

The video review is up too!

Tomorrow: TFCON!!

One comment

  1. Awesome review. Now I have to go and edit my review because yours is better than mine! Kidding aside, he really is fantastic. I didn’t know about the fan mode, though.

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