Art of War – REX BLASTER Upgrade for FOC Grimlock

This will just be a quick look at the Rex Blaster weapon from Art of War for FOC Grimlock.


As you can see, it’s just a plain black, G1 styled, double barreled rifle for Grimmers. Nothing too special about it, and it’s mainly for G1-ers I guess. I like it, and I know they’re coming out with a chromed version for Takara’s, but more importantly, Art of War also has a G1 styled head replacement too – however, I don’t feel Grimlock needs a new head, as his is pretty dang game accurate. The art of war head looks nice though:


As for the Rex Blaster, well, it looks great on Grimlock. I got mine for 20$ at TFCon, so I’m not sure how reasonably priced it is or not, but for those who want a nice gun, it’s a great option:


And of course, it does attach in Dino-mode too.


So there we go. Here’s the video:

Stay tuned because there’s far more exciting stuff coming up soon!

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