FansProject Function X2 “Quadruple U” WEIRDWOLF

So here we have the follow up to FansProject’s first Headmaster release, “Quadruple U”, otherwise known to me and you as Weirdwolf! (Get it, Quadruple u’s are 2 w’s! CLEVER!)


This is going to be hard for me to be unbiased here as I’ll say right now, I friggin’ love this dude. While I never watched as much Headmasters as I would have liked, its hard not to remember such a brightly colored bad-guy:


As a figure, he shows signs of improvement, but not perfection from the first X-1 “Code”, but not perfection. His articulation is improved, though it still has some limitations.


The shoulders are still slightly limited, but FansProject added a secondary joint that allows for outward rotation a bit.


His hands are unique. The ‘grip’ is just a half cut section, but it holds the tail-sword very well without dropping it. The panel with the “thumb” rotates down to create a “fist”.


The tail-sword also stores in a small attachment point that folds out of the hip, though honestly, not very successfully, as the tail then sticks straight out. It does stay very secure however.

His head sculpt is simply amazing.


With a clear red visor, it really highlights the eyes, and the black face with grey helmet really makes him stand out.


Monzo, his headmaster partner, looks equally cool and is detailed very well.


In alt-mode, he looks just a great:


As you can see here though, he’s considerably bigger than “Code”.



The head sculpt is a little cartoon-y, but that works very well in this instance.

And his headmaster can of course store in the “cockpit” area –


So all in all he’s highly reccomended. I am very excited to see what the next Function X brings to the table because so far, Code and Quadruple U are setting the standard for amazing revamps for G1 figures.

Here’s the video in case you missed it.

So there we go – make sure to stay tuned for more reviews, and make sure you’re checking out the PODCAST, in fact, why not subscribe to it, hey?


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