TFCon 2013 Mech iDeas Exclusive – Prototype X & Project Z

This is going to be just a short overview of the TFCon 2013 Mech Ideas exclusive redecos of their most excellent versions of TwinTwist and TopSpin – based on the G2 colors of the same characters.



As you can see, the come in the same blister-pack style packaging but with the TFCon logo imprinted on the front.



I know there’s some glare here, but I just wanted to have the bio’s readable. Very well written and ties the figures into the TFCon 2013 theme.


The figures themselves look very nice, and you can see here, they added chrome plating to the weapons.



They are identical in design, featuring the same excellent articulation and details.



They did include the alternate head as well, which is a very cool feature!


So they are quite cool, and worth tracking down if you are a fan of G2 or exclusives. All in all a very nice take-home from TFCon!

Stay tuned for more – and don’t forget to check out the Podcast!

One comment

  1. I thought it was interesting TFCon decided to go with a Go-Bots theme this year. It must mean that the hate against Go-Bots is finally starting to wane in the Transformers community.

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