Ravage Goes to Italy! A PChiu Exclusive


Ravage is quite the world traveler!  Despite taking a trip to the Phillipines earlier in the year, he is now traveling to Italy with Paul and his wife.  Will he end up with a mustache?  Will he enjoy some nice gelato?  Will he get to meet Dino from Dark Of The Moon?  Check back to find out!



Getting pumped up for a very long flight. He’s been on longer flights, but the pre-flight ritual remains the same


What’s the best way to prepare for an Italian trip? By munching on some airport guacamole. It’s not Italian, but it is delicious!


Soundwave finds the inclusion of a USB charging port on the airplane to be…logical. Ravage, however, now regrets his evolution from Device Label Ravage to Masterpiece Ravage!



Before arriving in Italy, Ravage took in a few sights in Berlin.  Here, he is checking out the famous Brandenburg Gate.



Finally made it to Italy, and boy, was he…ravaged.  Ravage decided to remedy that by eating some authentic Italian Bolognese.  Delicious!



Ravage  is enjoying the gorgeous view of the Arno River in Florence.  He’s also laughing at the guy trying to fish.  Silly humans!



Ravage is the King Of The World.  All Florence is his kingdom!



Ravage is checking out the water (and the babes) at the lovely water at Cinque Terre.



Apparently the ancient Romans have worshiped Ravage for centuries as indicated by this sculpture at the Vatican Museum.




Ravage is not intimidated by the larger size of the statues in the Vatican.  You will be vanquished.


Not Intimidated


Ravage is not impressed with the Roman Colosseum.  Had he been on Earth at that time, there would have been no survivors!



Can you spot Ravage among his panther cousins?


Where's Ravage



Please, Fraulein.  I’m in Germany.  I need beer!Beer


Soundwave: “Ravage, Return.  Operation: Slideshow.



Thanks for sharing Paul!


Stay tuned!

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