Titans Return Wave 4: KROK

Holy crap we got a Krok!

Now to be fair, there were very few options to use this mold for.  It was basically that weird Alligator Optimus Prime from the G1 Episode where Prime get’s chopped up, or….well….Krok.

You have to remember, Hasbro basically HAS to use a mold more than once in order for the toy to be profitable with their business model, or at least that’s what I’m assuming.  I’m fine with that so long as we get a little be of retooling and in this case, we get a great new “Face”-sculpt for his Titan Master.

The fact that we got a Krok out of this line is awesome for a couple of reasons: 1.) He was an Action Master from the old days.  That means he was basically a GI Joe.

So not only is he somewhat obscure, but he actually has an alt-mode now!  2.) He is a part of the IDW Comics fan-favorite team The Scavengers.  SO YAY!

I do love that these guys all come with tech spec cards.  I was one of those nerds that always read the readouts on the G1 toys.

Skullcruncher was notorious for having super loose hips.  Not the worst problem in the world to fix. Krok seems better, but they’re still a touch loose.  Plastic resistances can be tricky.

Krok’s old Action Master was Gatoraider, which is an awesome name.  I wanted to name my cat that at some point.  His Titan Master’s name is Gatorface which is not as cool but makes me laugh all the same.  He’s the same mold as Grax but with the new face on back.

The colors on Krok are just awesome though, I’m not sure what it is, but they’re so 80s and vibrant.  Plus, his ALLIGATOR HEAD HAS LIGHT PIPING!!





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