Titans Return Wave 4: Roadburn (aka Chase)

Typically when we see a G1 styled Bumblebee, you can bet your bottom dollar he’ll be slapped with red and called Cliffjumper at some point.  Well you’d be broke this time.

That’s right.  They went with Chase.  The Throttlebot.  In your face Cliffjumper repaint!

To be fair, they still slapped red on him, but the new head sculpt is fantastic, though a somewhat hybrid between Freeway’s and Chase’s heads.  That’s fine because his name is also now Roadburn (undoubtably due to Hasbro not wanting him confused with Rescue Bots Chase).

I’ve always liked the Throttlebots.  I only ever had Freeway as a kid and he went EVERYWHERE with me (well him or Ravage), but Chase was the first one I re-bought later on.

Of course the G1 Chase was a Ferrari Testarosa, where as Roadburn Chase is a hatchback.   Kind of a brutal downgrade but who cares, he’s a Throttlebot!

I sorta love the Legends we’re getting with the Titans Return like.  They’re all really neat and all feature some kind of transport gimmick for the Titan Masters.

I wouldn’t fool myself into thinking we’ll get anymore Throttlebots though.  There’s six of them, and one’s a dump truck so….it’s unlikely, but I’d love it for sure.

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