Hascon 2017 Exclusive Titans Return Arcee w/ Ultra Magnus

You can blame Destiny 2 for my slow progress in posts.  I know I do.  That game is consuming me like the first one did.   Anywho, let’s take a look at the Hascon Exclusive Arcee!


Yeah, I’m reusing the picture.  It shows off the awesome packaging and it IS awesome.  I love the book style fold out, with the bio cards and figures displayed.  It’s absolutely worth keeping.  I did my best to remove the bio cards without jacking up the box, but the toys pop right back in, which is nice.

Arcee comes with her Titan Master Leinad.  Less clever folks threw a fit that his name should have been Daniel.  More clever folks looked at Leinad in a mirror.  (You can’t trademark a normal name guys…).  She also comes with Ultra Magnus!  See even though it’s smaller, this is actually considered a box set and as such, we get the “Ability Theme” – this time it’s Intelligence:


We have one left, and that’s Firepower.  I hope we see it come to fruition, either before, or during Power of the Primes.


The instructions have a story bio included which is neat.  I didn’t realize they reprinted the tech specs from the back of the cards in here, otherwise I would have left the bio cards in the box.  The art on the cards is just amazing.



Arcee joins the ranks using the Blurr Mold with some minor retooling.  Sure you could argue they’ve sort of “combiner wars”‘d this mold, but honestly it so versatile it makes sense.  It’s a slender frame and can be modified using the shoulders and front of the car very well.


The Pink used seems to work really well, giving her the classic G1 color pallet but also updating her over all look to the more IDW-like appearance we see in the comics.   When compared to the Generations Arcee from a few years back, it’s more obvious.


Her two pistols are new molds and can be stored in her shield if you want her to remain weapon-free for a less “murder-y” Arcee.  She can also wield her shield/car front like everyone else that shares the mold, and it also becomes a…sleigh…thing..for either Titan Master to ride.


Her vehicle mode features a newly designed front end/shield, which makes her car mode look more G1-esque.


The pistols can be rotated around 180 degrees as well so they remain hidden.


While some of her paint is a bit rough on mine, overall she’s a great use of the mold and a very welcome addition to an already outstanding line.

Ultra Magnus is very nice as well.  Because this is set up like a larger box set, Magnus, like Rodimus Prime before him, features a brand new face sculpt made of die cast metal, so he has some substantial weight to his tiny body.


Especially when compared to Daniel, who features a new Titan Master head sculpt (if it’s not clear, it’s his eco-suit from the G1 cartoon).  I love that they took the G1 inner robot colors and used them for Magnus, they work really well on an all white body, and even though his face isn’t….super Optimus-y, I think it still works very well.


The actual face sculpt for Magnus is great too, with a  very G1 look and vibrant blues used.  My only real “complaint” if you an call it that, is that I think they could have tried to use the bigger, Leader class sized face for him, as attaching him to a Leader sized figure looks very Beetlejuice at the end of the movie-ish.


However, he works great with a voyager sized body, and Laser Prime from the Velocitron set works very well.


He also looks pretty okay-too on a deluxe class figure.


Overall this set is fantastic.  I can’t really recommend it more, other than it being an exclusive.  BUT CHEER UP!  Hasbrotoyshop.com should have her available online for purchase quite soon.  Keep an eye on the Facebook Page as we usually catch wind of things fairly quick and will let everyone know.



  1. She really does look great. Since Ultra Magnus has been turned into a Titan Master for this line, do you think it unlikely that we’ll get a full TR Ultra Magnus figure? Or do you think that since this Titan Master is an exclusive that we might still get one at retail?

  2. I don’t think we will. Titans Return is basically coming to a close with Over Lord and Slugslinger, which is bittersweet. It’ll be fun to get into PoTP, but I’ve enjoyed the crap out of this line.

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